”Photography is a perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas..."   - Edward Weston -
For   over   two   decades   I   have   worked   on   a   number   of   long-term   photography   projects, including   On   the   Line   (international   laundry),   Hidden   Voices   (graffiti),   Dead   Ahead   (wild animals killed in road collisions) and Wild Medicinals. Still   Life   is   a   newer   series   and   stems   from   the   rich   tradition   of   the   still   life   in   the   visual arts.   In   the   course   of   my   exploration   I   have   had   the   good   fortune   to   be   introduced   to   the images   of   Karl   Blossfeldt   and   Charles   Jones,   both   of   whom   were   active   about   100   years ago.  In   this   era   of   digital   alteration,   I   am   drawn   to   a   style   of   photography   that   allows   me   to be   an   observer   of   a   moment   or   scene.   I   don't   direct   or   manipulate   the   subject   but   rather appreciate   the   juxtaposition   of   events   as   they   appear.   In   the   case   of   the   Dead   Ahead series,   I   photographed   all   of   the   animals   as   I   found   them.   Similarly,   the   On   the   Line series and Hidden Voices have been the product of many years of observation. At   some   point   during   one   of   my   many   car   journeys   I   began   photographing   road   killed   wild animals   that   eventually   became   the   series   Dead   Ahead.   These   photos   -   emphasizing   the clash   of   industrial   society   and   the   natural   world   -have   profoundly   affected   me.   The images    have    allowed    me    to    contemplate    life    and    death,    its    unpredictability    and ultimately my own mortality. I   hope   that   the   Dead   Ahead   series   is   also   viewed   as   a   respectful   acknowledgement   and memorial   to   these   wild   animals   that   are   passed   by   and   ignored.   Whether   people   are repulsed, attracted or both, I hope these photos provoke reflection. Navel    Gazing    has    also    provoked    some    strong    reactions.    The    contradictory    forces    of repulsion   and   attraction   that   many   have   expressed,   are   powerful   emotions   that   can move   one   to   more   contemplation.   I   had   no   idea   when   I   took   my   first   belly   photo   that   it would   become   this   series.   It   began   while   visiting   my   family.   Every   evening   my   brother-in- law   would   squeeze   his   gut   and   complain   about   how   fat   he   felt.   It   reminded   me   of   some friends   in   Toronto   who   also   expressed   themselves   in   a   similar   fashion.   Navel   Gazing   was born. I   did   not   search   out   specific   types   of   bellies   but   instead   asked   friends,   family   and acquaintances   to   participate.   Some   readily   agreed   others   were   shy,   embarrassed   or   too self-conscious.   This   came   as   something   of   a   surprise,   but   the   reality   is   that   many   men are   insecure   and   sensitive   about   their   body   image   feeling   inadequate   in   the   face   of   the 'perfect' body type perpetuated by mass media. On   the   Line   comes   from   a   place   that   recognizes   that   there   are   many   moments   of   beauty around   us;   moments   of   poignant   grace   that   are   often   overlooked   in   our   hectic   lives.   And just   maybe   it   is   a   reflection   of   the   innate   creative   nature   that   many   of   us   submerge.   No matter,   the   subject   continues   to   draw   me   25   years   after   photographing   my   first   laundry shot. Hidden   Voices   is   the   result   of   many   years   walking   and   cycling   in   the   back   alleys   and laneways   of   numerous   cities.   The   comments   include   the   profane   and   poetic   as   well   as much   humour   and   social   commentary.   I'm   fascinated   by   the   need   that   some   people   feel to   express   themselves   in   this   way   -   on   the   margins   of   society   -   often   well   out   of   sight   of the commercial interests that dominate our visual landscape. In   addition   to   these   more   unusual   long-term   personal   projects,   I   have   spent   many   an hour   and   night   photographing   our   natural   world   from   the   macro   landscape   to   the   vast splendor   of   the   northern   lights.   If   I   were   to   attempt   to   sum   it   up:   I   still   remain   curious and engaged and feel compelled to photograph the world around me.